Chef Anastasia Dmytruk

Chef Anastasia Dmytruk

I love Mediterranean cuisine, because it consists of a huge variety of dishes and raw materials that can fully satisfy the gastronomic quests of both meat eaters and vegetarians.

Thus, as a raw material I always choose the best quality to have the best result in my dishes.

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil Theseus MANAKI variety is exactly what I need either for my cooking or as a finishing touch.

I really like its emerald color, which gives shine and taste. In addition, it enriches the dish with its “buttery” texture, which makes it perfect both for cooking and dressing.

Despite its intense aroma, it adapts easily to most preparations, giving a mild taste sensation.

Remarkable certifications such as Vegan (V-Label) and the Gold Award for Authentic Greek Taste 2021, that company deservedly received, make me even safer and more confident, having finally made the best and most quality choice.

I recommend it 100%!

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