Chef Konstantinos Kadas’

Chef Konstantinos Kadas’

As a professional in the field of catering, I learned to single out the appropriate raw materials for my menus, in order to have the maximum possible result. My experience has shown me that if you respect and manage the raw material properly, you will receive its maximum efficiency. In combination with love and passion, a proper raw material is able to bring a perfect result!


Tasting extra virgin olive oil Theseus of authentic Manaki variety, I have to say that it belongs to the category of a more “buttered” aftertaste and therefore gives a very nice, homogenized and at the same time special taste to my dishes. I have not decided whether I prefer it raw or cooked, as for me it is equally delicious, in both versions. I have chosen to combine it with salads, using it as a dressing, but also for cooking in the pot at the beginning for a traditional oily food. A feature that makes me believe in this olive oil is its unique balance, which is transferred to my dishes every time I use it.

For a more refined approach, I choose extra virgin olive oil Theseus of the well-known Koroneiki variety, as it is a unique variety with much intensity. I prefer to use it mostly raw, over a Carpaccio or a tartar, but also at the end on a pasta or meat dish. This is an intensely aromatic olive oil. Therefore, it requires a special treatment, so as not to alter its unique taste. Even when I combine it with simpler products such as tomatoes, olives and a nice pre-baked toast, such delicious flavors emerge, that we would all love to have on our table every day.

-Theseus EVOO Menu by Kwnstantinos Kadas AMANZOE

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