Cook & Pastry Chef Konstantinos Tsichlas

Cook & Pastry Chef Konstantinos Tsichlas

Olive tree for ancient Greeks was a symbol of the Olympic ideal, of Peace, Wisdom and Victory. That’s why the only award the Olympian Athlete received was a wreath made by an olive branch, called “Kotinos”.


So is Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil!

It is a gold award for us and we must honor and highlight the products produced by our country, Greece!


One of these Gold Awards have crowned the Extra Virgin Olive Oil Theseus MANAKI Variety. It has a wonderful smell and perfect taste reminiscent of ripe fruits such as ripe apple and tomato.


You can use it like me and get your food quality on an upper class dimension, even on your sweets!


Cook & Pastry Chef Konstantinos Tsichlas

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