MYTHICAL Cocktail by Aggelos Demagos

Pure Extra Virgin Olive Oil “Theseus”, premium distilled Greek MDry Mastiha of Chios, handmade Limoncello from famous Lemonodasos of Poros Island, the sense of Basil freshness and the sparkle of Ginger, marry and challenge you to try this mythical combination !

The accomplished in the field of Bartending and very experienced with his so far full biographical course as Bartender, Angel Demagos, travels us to the Castle Of King Theseus. He combines ancient Greek Mythology, modern techniques widely used in his professional field and shares his passion for what he loves to do, making us curious to taste an explosion of flavors.

This special project, came in collaboration with Theseus EVOO from Ancient Troezen (Trizina, Peloponnese), which through the Castle Of King Theseus itself, tried to create a new trend in the range of use of “Theseus EVOO” in the field of catering.

Alcoholic Premium Beverage MDry inclusion in the recipe is not a coincidence, as it aims to highlight the top quality Greek products. Moreover, its crystal structure and its rich aromas are offered in perfect harmony with the mild “buttered” composition of the Manaki variety of Theseus EVOO, resulting in a great taste and a delicate Mythical Cocktail!

“Mythical Cocktail” Recipe:
 50ml MDry Mastiha
 20ml handmade Limoncello
 20ml Orgeat Syrup
 20ml Lime from Lemonodasos
 5ml Theseus EVOO Manaki Variety
 10ml Egg White
 3-4 small pieces of Ginger
 5-6 medium leaves of Basil

“Mythical Cocktail” Preparation:
 Crush the ginger in the bottom of a shaker.
 Add the rest of the ingredients, just like our Bartender.
 Shake for about 10″ without ice.
 Add ice.
 Shake for about 10” more.
 Double strain into a coupette glass.

Served in: Coupette Glass

A unique explosion of flavors across your oral spectrum,
will convince you at the first taste!

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