Theseus EVOO at Hairdressers & Barbershops !

Theseus EVOO at Hairdressers & Barbershops !

Did you know that our Extra Virgin Olive Oil deeply cares for your hair wellness?

There’s a reason it’s called Extra Virgin: Extra benefits, Virgin products, Outstanding results!

Using Theseus Extra Virgin Olive Oil in your hair dyes, benefits provided vary:

  • Shine Luminous Hair Colour
  • Hydration
  • Protection
  • Deep, Intense Colour
  • Hair Sealing and Smoothing
  • Duration
  • Hair Hygiene
  • Hair Strengthening

Trust your hair to the experts at JP HAIRDRESSER & BARBERSHOP , they use only the best skin-and-hair-friendly products for your health!

If you own a hairdresser/barbershop, contact us for collaboration:

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